When is hypnotherapy most effective?
Perhaps the best description is a state of "altered awareness". You are fully aware of what is
taking place, but can now concentrate more fully on your problem, without anxiety.
Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis.
One thing that always accompanies stress is tension.
 Therefore the therapy involves relaxation and this will, in itself, reduce painful symptoms.
Hypnotherapy is effective because at the point of relaxation in the hypnotic state you are ready
to accept the beneficial suggestions made by me - carefully chosen to have maximum effect.
 Remember hypnosis is a two way process - we form a partnership where you allow me to make
those suggestions which best deal with the problem. You have total freedom to accept or reject
these suggestions.
What then is Hypnosis?
When there is a long standing habit to be changed, eg smoking, insomnia, compulsive eating, nail-biting,
bed wetting (enuresis), blushing etc.
Body related problems, eg warts, skin disorders, rashes, PMS, migraine, pain control, bowel problems etc.
Social difficulties, eg lack of confidence, exam and driving test nerves, poor memory, phobias, panic attacks,
anxiety, depression, fear, jealousy etc.

Only a section of the many problems posed by society and the way we live are mentioned above.
There are many others and these may be discussed with me in total confidence.
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